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1. Confess every sin and repent from all of them.

2. Ask God to sanctify you wholly; set you apart for His work, and help you be the Ambassador of Christ He has called you to be.


3. Pray for our nation, our President, Governors in all 50 states and everyone in position of authority that they will lead with compassion and godliness.


4. Pray that all the gifts of the Holy Spirit will be fully manifested in our church. 

5. Pray that the Lord will send laborers (workers) into His vineyard at Freedom Christian Center.


6. Pray that God will provide the resources necessary to accomplish all aspects of Freedom Christian Center ministry - domestic and international.


7. Pray that the Lord will do a new thing in your life, and that you will be planted on spiritual higher ground.


8. Pray for the salvation of unsaved spouses, children, grandchildren, and family members. Pray that all who have backslidden will return to the Lord.


9. Pray that the Lord will expose and expel every spirit that brings disunity, discord, disruption and confusion in our homes and church.


10. Pray that God will uproot destructive seeds in our families; and that there will be peace and stability in our homes.


11. Pray that the Lord will secure powerful futures and destinies for our children and youth; and that nothing will prevent them from reaching their life potentials.


12. Pray that God will open doors for good jobs and promotion; and that God’s people will be leaders in their places of employment.


13. Pray for the success and prosperity of businesses that have been started by FCC members; and that more businesses will be created to the glory of God.

14. Pray that you will be good steward of the financial and material blessings of God so that you can be positioned to be a lender and not a borrower.


15. Pray for continuous protection from the coronavirus; and that none will be lost in FCC to this virus.

16. Pray for physical healing of God’s people, reversal of chronic conditions; and protection from sicknesses and diseases.


17. Pray for healing of depression; psychological and emotional distresses among God’s people.


18. Pray for divine protection of God’s people in their neighborhoods, places of work and wherever they go - by land, air, train, or sea.


19. Pray for widows, orphans, the elderly, people with disabilities, the homeless, the poor, the destitute; and those in hospitals and institutions of care.


20. Pray for those in prisons, jails, juvenile detentions, and those living in isolation.

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