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The Book of Haggai – August 8, 2023

Background: Haggai is one of the Prophetic books of the Bible. Haggai was the first of the three prophets to minister after the return from Babylon, along with Zechariah and Malachi. As a post-captivity Prophet, Haggai returned to the land of Israel when Zerubbabel led the first group back from Babylon. The prophecy consists of four messages from God after the rebuilding of the Temple ceased. Ezra mentioned the ministry of Haggai in Ezra 5:1 and 6:14, as a Prophet
raised by God to encourage the people of God to rebuild the Temple. Haggai dates his prophecy during the reign of Darius I.

The unique thrust of this second shortest book of the Old Testament is to exhort to Rebuild the Temple after the remnant that returned to Palestine had let the work of the Temple stand idle for fifteen to sixteen years. Haggai's ministry lasted for four months. His prophecy was sufficient motivation to get the people started again. Zechariah and Malachi continued Haggai's work. The prophecy took place in Jerusalem, the site of the rebuilt Temple.

The author of the book is Haggai. However, the meaning of his name is unknown. Others render his name Festival, Festive, or Festal, inferring the Prophet was born on a feast day. God obscured Prophet's origin to highlight the message of God to His people. He was a man raised at a specific time for a particular mission.

Central Message:
Resume rebuilding of the Temple.

I am with you, says the Lord (Haggai 1:13; 2:4)
Consider your ways (Haggai 1:5, 7; 2:15, 18)
Be strong (Haggai 2:4)

Summary of the Book of Haggai
1. First Prophecy: Message of motivation (Chapter 1:1-15) 

2. Second Message: A message consolation (Chapter 2:1-9)

3. The third message: A message of affirmation (Chapter 2: 10-19)

4. The fourth message: A message of anticipation (Chapter 3: 1-7)

Questions to ponder: (1) what lessons in Haggai apply to you? (2) What commitments will you make as a result of God'Ss voice to you in the book of Haggai?

Assignment for next week: Read the Book of Haggai, 1 chapter each day.

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