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Pastoral Counseling: Pastoral counseling ministry was established in 1997

as an outreach to individuals and families in crisis in Pierce County. Dozens

of families have benefited from this outreach and families have been

strengthened as a result.

Community Outreach: Through local partnerships with US-based entities we

support the needs of the poor, homeless and others in need.

International Outreach

  • Freedom Christian Center, Umuahia, Nigeria

  • Freedom Theological Institute, Nigeria (2 locations)

  • Freedom Theological Institute, Ghana (3 locations)

  • Freedom Theological Institute, Togo

  • The True Church of God, Ekenobizi Branch, Nigeria

  • Grace Vision Intercessary International Mission, Ekenobizi, Nigeria

  • Eastside Assembly of Believers, Tacoma, Washington 

  • Minister Angel Suarez, Jr. YouTube channel: "Straight Talk with a Heavenly Mind"


One-on-one mentoring is provided to guide individuals through life's challenges. Support is provided for job search, employment, education, strengthening families, individual well-being, and social isolation. 

Global Friendship Network
The goal of our global friendship ministry is to encourage friendships between individuals within the United States and around the world. Individuals will have the opportunity to share mutual interests, faith, engage in cultural exchange, travel, and mission work.


Mon: 7PM Prayer Service

Fri:     7PM Prayer Service

Sun:  1030 Church Service

Passcode: 729324

Meeting ID: 791 5994 8988

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